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When the it comes to bedtime, it is just never the right time. That‘s when, as if deliberately, you remember that you still haven‘t played with your train, haven‘t drawn a tale for the sheep or have not used your day limit to rebel. When you are persuaded or decide yourself to leave these deeds for tomorrow, you lay in bed motionless but sleep just won’t come. You close your eyes and wait, but the sleep is still not there. You turn on the other side – no, still nothing. It is because sleep walks very slowly and sometimes even bypasses you. That is why fox LUNA, tucked on your bedding, quickly digs up small pits making traps for the sleep. Using her little paws LUNA digs so many of them that it starts to resemble a bumpy surface of the moon. Sometimes she works so hard that a small pit turns into a deep crater. Then, your sleep has no way to escape. There is no chance. LUNA snatches the sleep and spreads sleepy mist all over the room. The mist is so thick and heavy that you start to breath slowly and deeply. If dad peeked into the room, he would see you submerged in sleepy mist…

Jumping on the moon rocks
Hiding behind large blocks
Have you noticed what it was?
It's a fox! It's a fox!
Luna wagged her uy tail
In the moonlight shined her nails.
She is ready to dig deep
To track down your good night's sleep.

As if it's not there within five minutes.

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