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You know the feeling when you wake up thinking if that has definitely happened or was that a dream? The best bit that in your dreams you can fly with no wings, eat forbidden sweets all night long with no guilt or tummy ache... Or you can participate in a Kangaroo Olympics with no money spent on the expensive plane ticket. Or...

But sometimes the best dreams are hard to come by. They don't hang around long. What if you want something in particular? Something no one else had ever seen or felt. This is where a bear called MOONY could help you. Her mission is to trap and catch dreams. The one and special dream for you. Not any kind of dream, but the one where you wake up in the morning with a little dribble on your pillow. You know that feeling, don’t you?

Tucked on his master’s bedding, MOONY reels his rod and plunges it into the puffy night clouds. It is a secret what he will fish out. It might just happen that even during the day if you lay on your bedding, you may just as well dream something extraordinary. 

Brown fur, long nose,
large paws, stripy clothes.
Yes, he looks like a bear.
And so he is, just so we're clear.
But please, don't scream,
Don't scare away the dream
The one that Moony chose for you.
The one you wish was true

And one you probably won't even remember. Oh well.

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