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When it comes to bedtime, it is just never the right time. That‘s when, as if deliberately, you remember that you still haven‘t played with your train, haven‘t drawn a tale for the sheep or have not used your day limit to rebel.

That is why fox LUNA, tucked on your bedding, quickly digs up small pits making traps for the sleep. Using her little paws LUNA digs so many of them that it starts to resemble a bumpy surface of the moon. Sometimes she works so hard that a small pit turns into a deep crater. 

Dreams are usually exciting, but from time to time, there might be a faulty one - a bad dream. A wicked dream that might frighten or upset you.
But not if your bed is guarded by a cat called SHOO. SHOO is one of the bravest cats that you could meet in a fairy tale. Even the scariest nightmare starts shaking in its shoes while fading away.

You know the feeling when you wake up thinking if that has definitely happened or was that a dream? The best bit that in your dreams you can fly with no wings, eat forbidden sweets all night long with no guilt or tummy ache... Or you can participate in a Kangaroo Olympics with no money spent on the expensive plane ticket. Or...

But sometimes the best dreams are hard to come by. This is where a bear called MOONY could help you. Her mission is to trap and catch dreams. The one and special dream for you.

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