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Dreams are usually exciting, but from time to time, there might be a faulty one - a bad dream. A wicked dream that might frighten or upset you. After such experience you might not even want to go to sleep, at least not in your own bed.
But not if your bed is guarded by a cat called SHOO. SHOO is one of the bravest cats that you could meet in a fairy tale. SHOO likes to talk about his courage and often boasts that he is a superhero when it comes to dealing with bad dreams. The minute he spots a bad dream SHOO jumps on his unicycle and rushes to your rescue. Even the scariest nightmare starts shaking in its shoes while fading away.
At least this is what SHOO surely thinks he can do. But his actual tricks of the trade are unknown as no one can witness his good deeds while fast asleep. SHOO is your trusted guardian keeping all the bad dreams away.

First "Booo!" I heard under the bed.
It was so loud, I covered my head.
Another one – appeared
Before it vanished into the atmosphere
But at that time I did not know
To whom my gratitude I owe.
Because the cat, whose name is Shoo
To all the nightmares is shouting "Booo!“

So they return to place they came from, no trouble...

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